Australian Cable Initiative (ACI) Welcomes a New Member

by | 11 July 2023 | Media Release

The ACI opens membership to any company that manufactures or sells electrical cable in Australia provided they are willing to accept the terms of the ACI Charter and commit to selling only fully compliant and safe cables.

In this vein we welcome CNW Electrical Wholesale as a new member of the ACI.

The ACI believes it’s important to develop a broad membership across the industry and to have all sectors of the supply chain well represented.

So, a bit about CNW:

CNW Electrical Wholesale is a standout player in Australia’s electrical industry, known for its unwavering commitment to quality, service, and family values. As a 100% Australian family-owned business, it has established itself as a reliable source for premium brands and products, operating through over 60 strategically located outlets across the country. With a strong focus on quality assurance and compliance, CNW Electrical Wholesale ensures customers receive superior service.

Being part of the BGW Group provides CNW Electrical Wholesale with access to extensive resources, expertise, and a wide industry network. This affiliation empowers the company to stay ahead of the competition, consistently offering the latest innovations and solutions in the electrical wholesale market. Additionally, membership in the Gemcell buying group and IMELCO, the largest cooperation of independent electrical wholesalers worldwide, further strengthens CNW Electrical Wholesale’s commitment to providing high-quality products, global connection and maintaining a competitive edge.

What sets CNW Electrical Wholesale apart is its dedication to exceptional service. Renowned for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company’s knowledgeable professionals ensure timely completion of projects through their “off the shelf service.” CNW Electrical Wholesale values its customers and invests in a skilled workforce, providing ongoing training and professional development. This commitment to nurturing talent contributes to their reputation as a go-to supplier for prompt and reliable service, solidifying their position as the leading independent choice in Australia’s electrical industry.

With a rich history and a steadfast commitment to quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction, CNW Electrical Wholesale has rightfully earned its reputation as ‘The Leading Independent’. With a vast network of outlets, affiliations with industry-leading groups, and an exceptional team, CNW Electrical Wholesale remains the partner for customers seeking reliable electrical solutions throughout the nation.

The ACI looks forward to working together with CNW; and to further expanding its membership to include other companies who share the same goals and ethics.

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