ACI Surveillance Program – Case Study

by | 29 May 2023 | Media Release

We have previously outlined the surveillance program the Australian Cable Initiative (ACI) operates and its key objective which is to give an added level of assurance that electrical cables available on the Australian marketplace are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards and are thus safe to use.

Typically, the ACI acquires, at random, around 10-12 cable per annum and subjects these to independent testing. Cables for test are purchased from the marketplace just as any user of these cables would.

The program covers a range of cables manufactured by both members of the ACI and other non-member manufacturers.

The cost of operating this programme, which is quite significant, is borne solely by the members of the ACI.
During a recent test it was noted that a cable under test failed one aspect of the test protocol. The cable was re-tested in a different laboratory and the result confirmed.

The ACI then undertook to contact the manufacturers of the cable to advise them of the lab results. The ACI keeps meticulous records in addition to a length of residual cable from the original spool purchased to re-validate tests if required. We were able to supply a length of the same cable to the manufacturer to undertake his own tests.

The manufacturer confirmed the findings of the ACI and has now undertaken to reformulate one of the materials used in the subject cable to give a greater margin of safety and thus ensure consistent compliance.

This example had a very positive outcome in that effective corrective action will be taken to ensure compliance with the Standards and so goes to demonstrates the importance and worth of the ACI Surveillance Program.

If you happen to find a cable that looks suspicious do not hesitate to contact the ACI through our website Report defective cable | ACI – Australian Cable Initiative we may be able to investigate on your behalf.